20 Best AI SEO for Software Tools To Rank Higher

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It’s no secret that Google is constantly changing its search algorithm, and it can be challenging to stay on top of all the changes. SEO AI tools are a great way to improve your SEO and optimize your website content for better rankings in search engines. In this blog post, we’ll discuss 20 of the best AI for SEO tools that you should try out today!

Not too long ago, search engine optimization (SEO) was just about having the right keywords in your content. Inevitably, Google discovered this trickery and altered its criteria, and now the emphasis is on quality over quantity. Without technology, SEO would be a time-intensive tedious task.

Fortunately, the entry of AI SEO software has come to our aid. Now, business owners, bloggers, and SEO experts have the right toolkit to keep up with search engine algorithm changes. First, AI SEO software helps us identify keywords that help improve rankings in minutes. Then, the AI SEO software generates a comprehensive report detailing who is currently ranking with those keywords, possible topic clusters, length of content related to that word, and related phrases. All these and more guide content creators to create content that’s more intuitive, reader-focused content to increase dwell time on the site. 

According to a survey, most AI SEO software consumers agree that these tools give them a competitive edge by enabling them to improve their SEO, proving that it isn’t just hot air.

AI SEO software helps us identify keywords that help improve rankings in minutes. The technology generates a comprehensive report detailing who is currently ranking with those keywords, possible topic clusters, length of content related to that word, and related phrases. All these and more guide content creators to write more intuitive, reader-focused content to increase dwell time on the site. This is one of the criteria used by the search algorithm to determine quality content.

AI SEO software tools cover the following areas:

  • Keyword research
  • SERP Monitoring
  • Site audit, also known as crawling
  • Competition Analysis

Benefits of AI SEO software

  • Increases a brand’s visibility online
  • Builds trust and the organization as an authority
  • SEO optimization is automated, saving time and money long-term
  • It leads to higher Search Engine Results Pages (SERP)

Table of contents

Surfer SEO

When it comes to on-page analysis, you will be hard-pressed to find a better AI SEO software tool than Surfer. It provides a thorough analysis of your web pages and highlights ways to improve your rank ability. 

You will see word count trends that help you tighten up or beef up existing posts to match ranking pages. In addition to the keyword research feature, it also contains a content editor. The content score tool gives immediate feedback as you edit your post. Watching your score improve is motivational and helps you become a better writer.

Another popular feature is the SERP analyzer which identifies backlink and keyword use opportunities your competition is using. It is user-friendly, though the list of suggestions can yield some unwanted keywords.

Key Features

  • Content Editor – Set and share goals for content with your writers, deadlines, preferred tone, and benchmark material. Then, use the content score to track changes in the post that increase ranking quality.
  • Content Planner – Save hours of research by using this tool and map out your content needs months in advance in minutes.
  • SERP Analyzer scrutinizes your competition and identifies backlink opportunities and keyword density that you can use in content creation. It uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to guide your content toward voice searches.
  • Integrations: Surfer has numerous integrations, including integration with, a leading AI writing assistant to help you write blogs faster.


Pricing Tier Basic Pro Business
Monthly Billing ($) 49 99 199

 7-day money-back guarantee

Pros Cons
Simple and friendly user interface Some of the suggestions may not be relevant to your site. Sort through them and identify what works for you.
On-page SEO features are among the best in the industry.  
You can focus your analysis on mobile searches, helping you design mobile-friendly content.  

Bottom Line

Get the most of your past, present, and future content with Surfer SEO Tool.  It also helps that the pricing is ideal for a small business.

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SE Ranking

Another great contender for the top AI SEO software solution is SE Ranking. The pricing and tool compilation is ideal for the small business owner. It has a friendly user interface (UI). The reports generated have pleasant, easy to interpret infographics. 

SE Ranking SEO tool is constantly updating and adding SEO tools to improve performance.  

Key Features

  • Keyword tools including keyword suggestion, grouping, and rank tracking to evaluate your performance on specific keywords
  • Website audit using an on-page checker to identify any issues or errors affecting SERP
  • Backlink Monitoring identifies off-site SEO performance to help you identify who to target to get backlinks.
  • SEO reporting – User-friendly report generators in PDF format 


Pricing Tier Essential Pro Business
Monthly Billing ($) 31 71 151
Pros Cons
Site audit generates a client-friendly report that is easy to understand Keyword-related tools could be better. 
Provides a Google Snippet view so you can edit your content accordingly Paid traffic ranking is not accurate, but updates could fix this issue in the future
Continuously updating and adding tools  Pricing models are a little tricky to understand

Bottom Line

This is an ideal SEO tool for a small business. SE Ranking is easy to use, effective for keyword research, and easy on the bank balance.


Serpstat is an all-in-one AI SEO software solution for SEO and PPC experts as well as content creators. Its competitor research is a favorite, with many users reporting the valuable insights they derive from their reports. For SEO professionals, this report is a real-time saver. Instead of crawling through competitor websites manually, you have the information to formulate strategies that inform content creation and improve keyword rankings.

Key Features

  • Backlink analysis – Off-site feature that helps you identify malicious links to your site so you can get rid of them
  • Rank tracking – Set the software to provide reports daily, weekly, or even monthly as needed
  • Keyword research – Comprehensive tool that informs your content creation schedule by providing an analysis of keyword trends and seasonality
  • Competitor research – Learn your competition’s SEO strategy and beat them at their own game.


Pricing Tier Standard Standard Advanced Enterprise
Annual Billing ($ per month) 55 119 239 399
Monthly Billing 69 149 299 499
Pros Cons
Schedule rank reports when you need them (daily, weekly or monthly) Reports can be a little complex for non-SEO professionals
Competitively priced with respect to the quality of the software  
The backlink tracking feature works very well  

Bottom line

Serpstat has a friendly user interface. It is easy to navigate and provides intuitive data on keyword research and competitor analysis. For SEO professionals tracking several websites, this is a valuable SEO tool.


New to SEO? This editing AI SEO software is just for you. Ink is an AI powered tool that helps you write premium optimized content. The interface is very easy to use, and it highlights sentences and phrases that are hard to read, going beyond grammar. Sometimes we forget that our customers don’t know as much as we do. So Ink helps you simplify your language for your readers. The search engine optimization features ensure that you have keywords in all the right places, increasing your rankability. It’s a writer’s helpful companion.

Key features

  • Writing Features offers topic suggestions in addition to spelling and grammar suggestions. After analyzing top-ranking content, it suggests actionable tips to create quality content.
  • SEO Features ensure your blog post’s meta description is optimized. Ink prompts you to insert keywords where they will have the most impact and add quality links to your content.
  • Productivity features include dyslexia and colorblind modes to cater to everyone. It is available as a WordPress plugin for user convenience.


Pricing Tier Ink Free Ink Pro Ink Pro Unlimited Ink Custom
Monthly Billing ($) 0 35 99 Request Quote
Pros Cons
Improve the quality of your writing The user cannot configure the plugin.
SEO suggestions are actionable to improve traffic Doesn’t integrate well with google docs
The user interface is simple, easy to use, and pleasant to look at  

Bottom Line

It is a useful tool for content creation and optimization, especially for those with no SEO background. The price is friendly, and the package is comprehensive.

Alli AI

Are you looking to give your site a health check? Alli AI is the diagnostic AI SEO software to use. Once you install it, it crawls your site and comes up with a list of recommendations to solve problems that interfere with ranking. 

This SEO tool saves you time and money by unifying everything on one dashboard. You can make changes to faulty pages with a few clicks instead of editing code. The backlink analysis is thorough, and the suggestions are actionable and productive.

Key features

  • Site optimization – diagnose SEO-related issues on all your pages and receive regular suggestions to improve performance.


Pricing Tier Professional Business Agency Enterprise
Monthly Billing ($)  99-209 249-399 449-689 749-999

Each tier has a cost range depending on the user’s need

Pros Cons
Most recommendations are relevant and practical. The volume of recommendations can be overwhelming, and some are less valuable than others. It can take time to find the right action to take immediately. That said, the issue is prioritization since the suggestions are good, just not equally good.
Weekly recommendation updates with an adhoc option available if needed  
Changes made to several pages is centrally located on the dashboard    

Bottom Line

The simplicity of the tool secures its place on this list. It is ideal for small businesses and start-ups who need to optimize their URL without the budget for an SEO consultant. 


Any WordPress user will find value in the Squirrly plugin. This AI SEO software tool will help you boost your ranking, making your snippets attractive enough to searchers when you appear on Google. Its ease of use and direct instructions lured many Yoast users away and made them Squirrly ambassadors. 

We are especially fond of the focus pages feature, where you can direct Squirrly to assess the web pages you feel bring the most value, such as your landing and product pages. It will give a comprehensive report on what improvements need to be made, highlighting where to direct your resources.

Key Features

  • Focus pages allow you to focus on the pages that offer the greatest return on investment.
  • 14 days Journey to better rankings is a free feature that comes with a subscription, giving you specific actions to take over two weeks to improve rankings. The instructions include comprehensive keyword research and an exact work plan.
  • SEO snippet tool shows you what readers will see on Google. Clean up your metadata and present your link in the most attractive way.


Pricing Tier Pro Business Agency
Monthly Billing ($) 20.99 71.99 75.99
Pros Cons
Easy to use It would be better if it had more WordPress integrations.
Provides specific corrective suggestions reducing editing time   
14 days Journey to better rankings provides work plans that are easy to follow and effective, and it works.  

Bottom Line

This app shines when it comes to on-page SEO. The editing suggestions are specific, showing you exactly what needs changing, not just giving you a score. In addition, it is competitively priced and ideal for a small business that doesn’t have the resources to spend on an SEO consultant.


Sometimes, your customers need to come to your physical location. How can you ensure that you have citations where it counts? Enter Brightlocal. Brightlocal ensures that you rank where it matters. It tracks your local ranking, highlighting content needs that appeal to customers in your town or city. 

Key Features

  • Citation tracker helps map out your local ranking and find citation sites with the highest potential.
  • Reputation Manager will help you get those coveted reviews, which creates trust in your brand and leads to higher sales.
  • Agency Features help SEO professionals manage multiple clients, build citations for them and conduct local SEO audits.


Pricing Tier Just reviews Single business Multi-Business SEO Pro
Annual Billing ($ per month) 8 24.17 40.83 65.83
Monthly Billing 8 29 49 79
Pros Cons
Ideal for businesses where the physical location is important for sales Google analytics feature doesn’t show comparisons over time
Google my business tool summarizes all the stats you need on one page   
Pricing is friendly for small businesses.  

Bottom line

This AI SEO software tool is ideal for local rankings, which is advantageous for health practitioners and similar businesses. If local visibility is your priority, this is the tool for you.

Advanced Web Ranking (AWR)

AWR is suited for the search engine optimization professional monitoring several websites at a time. To provide your clients with valuable optimization insights, you need an intuitive tool that presents a comprehensive report in a simple format. AWR will generate an extensive list of keywords associated with any site you want to evaluate. It will also provide a list of related websites. It is a top-ranking tool for multilingual sites.

Key Features

  • Rank Tracker searches your online visibility in pixels, tracking your ranking performance over time and identifying keyword cannibalization problems on your web pages.
  • Competitor Analysis finds new players ranking for your keywords, evaluate and learn from their strategy.
  • SEO Reporting generates comprehensive SEO reports which you can customize with your logo for a professional look.


Pricing Tier Starter Pro Agency Enterprise
Annual Billing ($ per month) 44 89 179 449
Monthly Billing 49 99 199 499
Pros Cons
Ranking reports provide an in-depth analysis of keyword performance against other companies across thousands of search engines. The user interface takes a little time to get used to
Export reports and send them to clients straight from the platform.  
The cloud-based solution allows for flexible accessibility.  

Bottom Line

For the expert and SEO consultant, this AI SEO software tool is invaluable. The ability to get ranking info across different search engines used in a particular part of the world shows the global capabilities of the software.

Creating a content outline or brief can be daunting, and many writers procrastinate to avoid that pain. Frase bears that burden and uses AI to generate a winning article outline based on ranking sites. You do not have to start from scratch, and neither do your writers if you go the freelance way. 

The google doc integration further eases the process of content creation. 

Learning how to use the interface takes time, but Frase provides several videos to help you through it.

Key Features

  • Frase Content creates article outlines and briefs and ensures that your present and past articles are optimized to drive organic traffic to your site.
  • Frase Answers help you draft straightforward answers for website visitors. 


Pricing Tier Basic Team Enterprise
Monthly Billing ($) 44.99 114.99 Request quote

15% off on annual plans

Pros Cons
Outline generator is a real time-saver User Interface takes a little time to learn, but Frase provides the resources to do it.
Compiles relevant SERP information on one page making it easy to plan your content  
Provides search results on forums such as Reddit and Quora  

Bottom Line

Frase AI SEO software is a worthwhile investment for content creators and SEO professionals. It helps elevate the quality of your blog posts quickly and effectively, saving you a lot of time and money.


CanIRank has earned a spot on this top list because of its valuable insights and ease of use. In addition, this AI powered solution keeps you updated on your ranking performance by providing weekly reports. The Keyword Research function offers lots of ideas on content and even provides ROI potential figures for keywords. For the small business owner, it is reasonably priced and performs as advertised. 

Key Features

  • Competitor Analysis – By deriving valuable data from sources that include top SEO tools, CanIRank is a comprehensive tool. You get the best that competitor analysis has to offer.
  • Link-Building – Provides suggestions on what prospects link to websites that a similar to yours. 
  • Keyword research and difficulty metric – get content ideas on keywords that offer the highest opportunity to rank with a possible increase in ROI.


Pricing Tier DIY Individual DIY Pro DIY Agency
Monthly Billing ($) 49 79 299
Pros Cons
Accurate weekly reports on ranking performance Some of the suggested content ideas or keywords may not be relevant. You need to take time to sort through them and find those that work for you.
Practical tips and suggestions on content ideas  
Possible ROI gains linked to specific keywords  

Bottom Line

This is a valuable AI SEO software tool with widespread approval in the industry. By tapping into data from other AI SEO tools such as Moz Pro, CanIRank offers high-quality competition analysis yet simplifies it to guide you to better content.

Bright Edge

This comprehensive AI SEO software tool eases the workload of SEO consultants. The data cube feature facilitates an enormous amount of keyword research. The insights you get on ranking and traffic performance are accurate. Professionals use this tool to identify and resolve site errors and qualify the impact of website design on traffic. With the capability to handle multiple keyword searches at a go, they can manage large enterprises, making them ideal for growing businesses.

Key Features

  • Content IQ performs audits on your web pages, identifies errors that you can correct quickly.
  • Data Cube – Terabytes of keyword research data that shows you which types of content rank high on search engines
  • Opportunity forecasting projects the impact of optimized content, informing your decisions regarding content and search optimization. 


Request quote

Pros Cons
Reports are comprehensive but easy to understand It is pricey.
The customer care reviews are encouraging. They are responsive to any issues you may have while using the product.  
As a comprehensive tool, it can save you time and resources searching for other specialized products.  

Bottom Line

Bright edge has a rich data set. Their solution covers keyword research, on-page and off-page optimization, and fantastic reporting tools. In addition, their customer service reputation makes it worthwhile to give them a try.


If your work involves improving the SEO of several websites at a time, consider Ahrefs. Ahrefs is an SEO professional’s dream AI SEO software tool. Understanding your competitor’s strategy and “borrowing” a few tips can boost your ranking on search engines. Ahrefs backlink research is unmatched. Insights on how your competition generates backlinks help you target which blogs and sites to work with to get the best results.

Another tool that makes Ahrefs a worthy investment is their batch analysis. As an SEO consultant or PR professional, keeping tabs on multiple client sites can be a challenge. Ahrefs simplifies this process by generating comprehensive reports on domain and URL performance for all your clients or competitors.

Key features

  • Site Audit – Helps you identify issues on your website, such as broken links and error pages, as well as how to fix them.
  • Site Explorer – Gives you insights on your competitors’ performance regarding backlinks and keywords, informing your SEO strategy.
  • Keyword Explorer – Get into the mind of your customer to see what searches pique their interest.
  • Content Explorer – Tools to help you generate traffic-generating content ideas
  • Rank Tracker – Superior web crawling tool that provides accurate ranking information.


Pricing Tier Lite Standard Advanced Agency
Monthly Billing ($) 99 179 399 999
Pros Cons
Excellent Web crawling feature provides thorough backlink analysis  API could be better
Batch analysis helps monitor several sites at a time with ease Limited SEO reporting compared to other top choices
Comprehensive Ranking analysis  

Bottom line

Ahrefs is a highly recommended tool that SEO professionals rely on to improve brand visibility.


One of the top players in the SEO game is MozPro. They have a long 12-year history in the industry. In that time, they have come up with creative solutions to help professionals improve web traffic and rankings. Moz has a browser extension that alleviates the need for constant logins, making it that much easier to use. Their site crawl tool provides a complete diagnosis of issues that need fixing on your web pages. The domain authority metric is pretty accurate. It gives you a realistic view of readers’ perception of you online.

Key Features

  • Site Crawl – Expose issues that hamper high rankings on your site.
  • On-Page Optimization – This feature audits your web pages for sub-par content and offers improvement suggestions 
  • Link Explorer – Backlinks are valuable in SEO. This feature helps you uncover where your competition is getting the most links. Evaluate the value of your links using page and domain authority metrics.


Pricing Tier Standard Medium Large Premium
Annual Billing ($ per month) 79 143 199 479
Monthly Billing ($) 99 179 249 599
Pros Cons
Excellent Site Crawl feature which comprehensively diagnoses on-page issues Customizing reports can be a little complicated
Integrates well with other platforms Ranking reports are available weekly. That is a challenge when looking for real-time information between reports.
Reports are easy to read and can be sent directly to clients.  

Bottom Line

MozPro has a lot to offer the SEO professional, particularly in keyword exploration and site audits. In addition, they have a range of online resources for new team members to help them get up to speed on their product.


For a small business looking to harness the power of SEO, we recommend SpyFu. They offer many tools that allow you to analyze your competition’s web pages, understand their strategy, and produce content to match or exceed their quality. In addition, their keyword analysis tools are among the best in the industry. 

SpyFu attaches a dollar amount to keywords fed by advertiser history, SERP analysis, and many other factors. So if you are looking for a robust competition tracking tool with PPC analysis, try this one out.

Key features

  • Comprehensive Keyword Research – Compiles a list of keywords from competing websites with ranking and even advertising history.
  • Ranking History – Diagnose ranking issues by identifying spikes and dips in your ranking.
  • Backlink Analysis – Get reports that identify who you need to focus on to get backlinks that increase your web traffic.
  • SEO report generator – Reports include an increase in keyword ranking, potential financial gains on specific keywords, and competitor keyword ranking


Pricing Tier Basic Professional Unlimited
Annual Billing ($ per month) 33 48 68
Monthly Billing ($) 39 69 129
Pros Cons
Competitively priced – Ideal for SMBs No web crawling features
In-depth Keyword analysis Some metric reports can be hard to understand for SEO beginners
Superior competitor tracking tools  

Bottom Line

SpyFu is a valuable AI SEO software solution for anyone who is trying to increase their web presence. Their analysis tools attach currency value to your content, helping the content creator focus on words that offer the greatest return. You should give it a try.


SEMrush boasts a comprehensive solution with over 40 SEO tools to optimize your website and maximize visibility. One of the tools that make this software so popular is its keyword magic. But, unlike your typical magic show, there is no trickery here. 

The AI SEO software tool is designed to help you find long-tail keywords. With voice recognition growing in the mobile industry, this is a valuable tool. When people speak search commands on their phones, they tend to use questions that have long-tail keywords. 

It also provides a metric to show how easy or difficult it is to rank for that keyword. That way, you focus your resources toward content that yields the highest Return on Investment (ROI). In addition,  the solution includes site audit tools, crawling features, and even an SEO content template generator. 

Many users agree that this SEO tool is value for money, and we agree.

Key Features

  • Keyword identification including keyword competitor analysis showing words with which they rank.
  • SEO audits – highlight domain backlinks and profile analysis. The crawling feature provides valuable insights that can inform your SEO strategy.
  • Daily SERP tracking – Monitor your performance and get real-time data to feed content updates and ideas.
  • Content Marketing tools such as topic research and actionable tips to create SEO-friendly content


Pricing Tier Pro Guru Business
Monthly Billing ($) 199.95 229.95 449.95
Pros Cons
Comprehensive Keyword analysis  Lack of Keyword List management 
Easy to use  
Social media tools informed by social listening to optimize shares and social media presence.  
Marketing tools provide campaign analysis providing valuable data for your SEO strategy.  

Bottom Line

SEMrush gets two thumbs up. Their product lives up to the promise, providing you with all the information you need to rank on the first page of google. Naturally, this will not happen overnight, but SEMrush has the right tools to get you there.

Free SEO tools

These five AI SEO software tools are a great place to start if you are new to search engine optimization. Each tool specializes in providing a specific solution. Even though you will need more than one to handle all your SEO needs, they are helpful tools recommended by SEO professionals.

Answer the Public SEO Tool

When we think of keywords, we often use two or three-word phrases. Yet, most people type in questions to get a specific answer. If your content can answer these questions directly, Google recognizes this as quality, in addition to other metrics. 

The featured snippets portion of Google is popular these days, resulting in zero-click searches. It sounds like a bad thing, but it isn’t. If you can ensure that your content makes it to the featured snippets, then your ranking and reputation improve. 

In 2020, over two-thirds (64.82%) of searches were zero-click searches. When you search for a keyword on the Answer the Public platform, it generates a list of questions, related phrases with prepositions and ‘vs.’ keywords. These help you create quality content ideas while guiding your phrasing. 

Keywords Everywhere extension SEO Tool

What is better than a platform that provides quality keyword analysis? One that translates all the keywords on any page into ROI information. Keywords Everywhere is a chrome extension that analyzes any page you are on and gives you potential earnings per keyword per click. As an extension, it works best in conjunction with other tools, but we recommend it as a solid place to start.

Google Search Console SEO Tool

This robust toolkit provides the user with in-depth information about words and phrases that drive traffic to your site, problems with your URL, and ensure that Google recognizes the value your site brings to readers. Since most other tools derive their information from Google, data from the source has the highest accuracy rate.

Ubersuggest SEO Tool

This free Keyword analysis tool is easy to use and provides valuable insights. The keyword difficulty metric helps you direct your time to keywords that have the highest chance of ranking. It will show you a list of high-ranking content with links to the relevant sites on the dashboard. 

It is a great free tool for beginners and SEO veterans for keyword research. 

Screaming Frog SEO Tool

This is crawling software that can analyze 500 URLs at a time. You can use it to evaluate your competitors or diagnose issues on specific sites. This software will help you to find broken links, schedule audits, and even export the data.

How do you choose the right AI SEO software tool?

The right choice of software for your business depends on your business goals. Before analyzing the AI solutions that offer SEO services, ensure you understand what you need from the solution. Only then will you have the ability to choose a tool that matches your needs.

Many of the tools offer a monthly situation without a contractual obligation. Take advantage of free trials to see what a solution has to offer before you commit your finances.

Is there a solution you think we missed? Let us know in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is AI used in SEO?

Artificial intelligence is used to automate repetitive manual tasks, such as keyword research. It is also used to evaluate data and offer recommendations that the user adopts to improve the quality of their content helping them to rank higher on the SERPs.

What is SEO intelligence?

SEO Intelligence is the use of AI-powered software to optimize online content that boosts web traffic. With more people visiting your site, you stand a better chance of converting these visitors into customers. 

Which software is best for SEO?

The best software for SEO is one that meets your needs. Find a solution that fits your budget. The AI SEO software tools provided should be suited for the size of your business and the nature of your industry. You need to do a self-audit, identify your priority needs then match them to the SEO tools on offer.

Can SEO be replaced by AI?

There are several tasks that artificial intelligence can take care of when it comes to search engine optimization. However, the decision-making function is still dependent on people. Artificial intelligence (AI) is designed to provide relevant information, but some suggestions are impractical for a specific business. 

Although the artificial intelligence industry will continue to grow, human beings will not be rendered obsolete. The data collected by Google that determines rank depends on human behavior, so SEO Tools will always be relevant.

What is SEO software?

SEO Software comprises SEO tools designed to optimize the content on your web pages to increase their ranking on search engines. The 20 AI SEO software solutions evaluated above are examples of this type of software.


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